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Saturday , April , 13 2024
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NUM NOB's Press Statement

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The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) National Office Bearers (NOBs) met this week to deliberate on a number of important matters. The meetings took place at NUM Head Office. The NOBs indulged amongst other issues on the following matters of the national and sectorial interest:

2.1 Intervention team 
The NOBs noted the energy challenges facing South Africa nowadays and welcomes the Cabinet decision to entrust the Deputy President of the country Cyril Ramaphosa to lead an initiative to tackle the challenges faced by state entities such as Eskom. 

In this instance, labour is an important stakeholder at Eskom and in the electricity and energy sectors, "thus we resolved that for a comprehensive impact filled intervention to be made by the government initiative the views of the workers are inextricably imperative. Therefore, we urge the Deputy President led intervention team to solicit the views of labour," says Frans Baleni.

2.2 Save Eskom Campaign 
The NOBs once more observed the sustained attempts by Eskom to undermine labour as an important stakeholder at Eskom. The union has made several attempts to sensitise the entity `s leadership about these concerns but to no avail. Thus, the leadership has adopted a 'Save Eskom Campaign' to remedy the situation.

The campaign will look at deteriorating state of industrial relations within the operations of the entity including challenges of skills and training. Through this campaign, the union will also seek to highlight its concerns on how appointments and promotions are undertaken. Furthermore, the campaign will also confront the dilapidating state of governance which simply feed into the crisis of Eskom.

The union will also be tackling the unwarranted pleasures enjoyed by non-executive board members travelling a lot and being driven around without adding value to solutions on the electricity crisis which is tantamount to wasteful expenditure while the financial state of the entity is hopeless. Overall lack of implementation of other agreements will be part of the campaign.

2.3 Nuclear energy 
Having reviewed the nuclear processes in South Africa and the debates thereof, the leadership remains convinced that nuclear energy while as an important source does not constitute a priority for South Africa. In addition, the leadership resolved that more focus should be put on fast-tracking the developments of Khusile and Medupi. In addition, maintenance must be a key to sustaining what we already have which should extend to shale gas and IPPs.

The leadership stands resolute that the existence of Cosatu was not an accident of history and, therefore, unity which is key to maintaining such existence is critical. Such a perspective obviously encompasses the return and active participation of the seven affiliates. The unity of Cosatu would be a manifestation of worker unity a material factor in leading struggles of the workers in particular and promoting their interests including the working class generally.

The NOBs look forward with anticipation to the SONA on the 12th February 2015. The leadership envisages that SONA will articulate achievements and register optimism for the future in dealing with the challenges of unemployment, retrenchments, inequality, poverty, and service delivery.

A progressive impact in ameliorating these challenges characterising our society will sustain the confidence our people have on the ANC. This will further give courage to South Africans as they face up to forthcoming 2016 local government elections.

5.1 Evaluation of compliance 
The NUM is awaiting the MPRDA Compliance Evaluation Report coordinated by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR).However, the leadership condemns the lethargy displayed by companies pertaining to the overall transformation of the mining industry.

This may entrench the legacy of colonialism and apartheid racial power relations integrated and tolerated within our democracy. Already many EXCOs remain 90% white failing to meet the 40% basic minimum for transformation.

5.2 Professional space 
NUM has further observed that lack of transformation in South Africa also remain manifest within the professional categories such as the legal fraternity, engineering and within Chartered Accountancy profession. NUM believes that the lack of energy when it comes to transformation may feed into the spectre of potential national revolt we may find no time to sufficiently manage.

5.3 Promotion of segregation 
The NUM condemns the promotion of segregation in the schools taking place twenty years into South Africa`s democracy. The leadership calls on all stakeholders in the education sector to confront the evil of segregation which promotes racism as exposed at Curro Rooderplaat in Pretoria.

NUM is concerned with continuing job losses for example Glencore Optimum Mine in Mpumalanga. The NOBs call on mining companies that cannot operate these operations to hand them over to those who have the conviction to create good prospects. NUM further calls on the Minister of DMR to intervene to halt job losses and the NUM is ready to assist in crafting measures to prevent further losses.

Pertaining to the forthcoming Indaba NUM is urging the Minister of Mineral Resources in his address to profile the importance of social labour plans, urgency of addressing inequality, and emphasis on integrative development which takes into account the sustainability and development of labour sending areas, surrounding communities, and the need to improving the overall safety of workers.

NUM is concerned about the recent attacks on foreigners who operate small businesses in the rural areas and townships in both Gauteng and other provinces. The leadership welcomes all interventions made by government to bring the situation to normality.

It further urges that government must generate an inclusive and pre-emptive approach to addressing sources of the uprisings. The leadership believes that the debate whether this is criminal or xenophobic as regrettably academic and does not assist in addressing the challenges of the small business and joblessness. A sustainable approach is important in restoring genuine lasting truce and all stakeholders must play a role including community structures.

NUM is committed to mobilising its members and active solidarity networks for action in ensuring that its resolutions are realisable.

For more information, please contact: 
Frans Baleni: 082 375 6443: NUM General Secretary
Livhuwani Mammburu:  083 809 3257: Acting NUM National Spokesperson 
Mike Fafuli: 082 803 6419: Head of Presidency Unit 

7 Rissik Street. 
Cnr Frederick, 
Johannesburg 2001
Tel: 011 377 2111
Twitter: @Num Media     

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