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Sunday , October , 01 2023
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The NUM is calling for the removal of Mr Dirk Miller at Anglo-American Kleinkopje operation.

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The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM)  members at Anglo-American Kleinkopje branch in Mpumalanga are calling for the removal of the General Manager by the name of Dirk Miller who came to the mine and made lots of changes without consulting with the NUM.
The NUM is saying that all the changes that he made must be reversed and the consultation process must commence. 

The NUM Kleinkopje branch recently held a meeting with Anglo American Head Office where the two parties agreed that the unilateral revocation of collective agreements by Mr Dirk Miller at the mine must stop, but he continues to change the collective agreements despite the agreement that was reached between the NUM Kleinkopje and the Anglo-American Head Office. 
The issues are as follows:
.Recruitment should be done as per the reached agreement with the former General Manager and as per the current recruitment procedure.
. The placement of the former full-time health and safety representative to continue as per the current agreement.
. All the vacancies that were discussed must continue as agreed i.e. Diesel Mechanics.
. The official bonus to be paid according to the agreement. 
. The mine should continue with the culture of Christmas working arrangement as per the Chamber Agreement.
. The grading alignment process to continue as per the agreement.
. Double sided loading to be stopped till all safety concerns are addressed and there should be an agreement.
The whole restructuring process that has been done by Dirk must be reversed and consultation process to begin. The restructuring was done by Dirk in Mining, Engineering, Plant and Safety department.
The members are saying this benefits must be reinstated and the changes to be reversed before they can go back to work.

For more information, please contact: 
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Livhuwani Mammburu :Acting NUM National Spokesperson: 083 809 3257

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